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Kingston Automatic Driving Lessons

Kingston Automatic Driving LessonsIf you live in Kingston automatic driving lessons can be booked with Surrey Driving Force. We also cover nearby areas such as Worcester Park, Ewell, Stoneleigh and Raynes Park with our own range of automatic vehicles.

Do Automatic Driving Lessons Cost More?

We charge an extra fee of £2 for automatic driving lessons but by block booking lessons, a discount of £2 per lesson is offered, effectively making our Kingston automatic driving lessons the same price as you would pay for standard driving lessons with us.

To get a complete list of our automatic driving lesson prices, please visit the prices page on our main website here.

Why Would I Choose To Learn To Drive In An Automatic Car?

There are 2 main reasons for wanting to learn to drive in an automatic car.

Firstly, mastery of clutch & gear control can be hard so taking lessons in an automatic car often means fewer lessons to pass the driving test.

Secondly, there are certain medical conditions that may mean that you struggle to use both feet on the pedals. If this is the case, learning to drive in an automatic car can solve this problem.

Are There Any Restrictions?

Once you pass your test in an automatic car, it means that you are limited to that type of vehicle. However, there is now a vast range of automatic cars.

There is also nothing to stop you taking a manual driving test at any point in the future. Experience gained in an automatic can help to make the step up to a car with manual gears much easier than it would have been previously.

Book Automatic Driving Lessons With Us

Book your Kingston automatic driving lessonswith us by calling us on 0845 190 2012, texting LESSONS to 81066 or emailing

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