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urrey Driving Force provides the wide range of services that are detailed below. If you require something that you cannot find on our website or would like more information regarding a matter that is, please don’t hesitate to give us a call us on 0845 190 2012 or email

Pass Your Test With Us

Learn to drive and pass your test in a Manual car

We have a range of both automatic and manual cars for you to undertake your driving lessons.

Intensive Courses

Our intensive driving courses have been designed to give you a large number of driving lessons over a small period of time.

Overseas Drivers

We provide driving tuition for overseas drivers who wish to obtain a full UK Driving Licence.

Mock Practical Tests

Our innovative method of delivering mock practical driving tests includes using a driving instructor with whom you are unfamiliar to play the role of the examiner. 

This technique helps to accurately recreate the driving test scenario and will help you to prepare for what lies ahead.

We will assess your driving abilities under strict test conditions and this will give us the perfect opportunity to address your strengths and weaknesses to help your preparation for the test.

Motorway Tuition

Our motorway driving tuition will help you to develop the skills that you need to be a great driver on the UK’s unique network of motorways.

Refresher Training

Our excellent refresher training will help you to brush up on your driving skills and techniques.

Pass Plus

The Pass Plus course was designed specifically to enhance the driving skills of drivers who have recently passed their driving test. The additional Pass Plus lessons will cover situations you may not have encountered during your previous lessons. 

By successfully undertaking the Pass Plus course, you may well be eligible for a substantial discount (up to 30%) on your car insurance premiums. For more information on Pass Plus please visit -

Under 17 Lessons

Ideal for young drivers looking to pass their test as soon as possible.

Taxi Test

We offer lessons to help you to prepare for your Taxi Test.

Trailer Training

Specialist driving lessons for drivers who wish to learn to tow trailers in the safest possible way.


Our team of driving instructors are all highly qualified and experienced. They possess all of the skills that are needed to ensure you receive the highest level of training and have the best chance to pass your test on the first occasion.

Black Cab Training

For taxi drivers working or looking to work in and around the London area, this course offers a wealth of essential training.

Fleet Driver Training

Our fleet driver training offers our clients all the essential skills required in order to drive a wide range of vehicles on a regular basis.


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